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As a professional athlete, I would strongly recommend Mike’s treatments for both professional and amateur sports people. I have regular treatments (sports massage and acupuncture) with Mike and am certain that they make a massive difference to keeping my body fit and healthy. When I get small pulls and injuries that would previously have gotten worse over time and impacted my training, now Mike deals with them promptly and they heal fast. Mike’s skill and knowledge mean he is brilliant at smoothing away the aches and pains of training and keeping my body in top condition. It makes a massive difference to my health, my training and my peace of mind. Absolutely worth every penny!

Frankie Dubery / Lily la Mer Trapeze Artist

I would highly recommend seeing Mike, he’s great with any muscle soreness or small injuries you have. I am a footballer and went through a period where I had a lot matches in quick succession, and Mile kept me feeling fresh and I was feeling good prior to every match. He can do all body massages as well as specific areas for sportsmen. I am very happy to have met Mike and was lucky enough to have been treated by him.

Diego Poyet, Professional Footballer


Mike has been my sports masseur for a number of years now and has provided me with expert treatment. He has also played a hugely important role in helping me achieving my goals in Olynpic, Half Ironman and Full Ironman Distance Races. As Mike is an athlete himself he is able to provide extremely thorough and knowledgeable treatment that has kept me injury free throughout high volume training. Mike provides the perfect. attentive deep tissue massage that is vital for athletes of all abilities and ages to remain injury free.

Paul, Triathlete

I currently teach 5/6 classes per week and suffer the odd muscular ache in either shoulder or calf. Mike has treated me for tension in these areas and I now book regular sports massages with him to keep my body strong and to prevent more serious injury.

Jackie, Fitness Instructor, Bromley Mytime

I have had a massage from Mike regularly every two weeks for several months now. This has kept me injury free when running and I have relatively few aches and pains after exercise. Also, I no longer suffer from muscular pain in my back which resulted from my largely sedentary job. I’m fully persuaded of the benefits of regular treatment.

Alan, Orpington Road Runners